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Graduate Women in Chemistry

Graduate Women in Chemistry (gWiCh) is a subgroup of CGSA created in January 2015.

The purpose of gWiCh is to coordinate and organize female focused events for any graduate students and postdoctoral fellows within UIC’s chemistry department.


Group Objectives:

  • 1 – Host at least two gWiCh events per semester.
    •  – Events are initiated and organized, in part, by current board members of gWiCh.
    •  – Events are aimed to benefit all female chemistry graduate students either personally or professionally.
    •  – Event topics of interest to the gWiCh group: Promoting diversity in science by addressing discussions about women as a minority in STEM fields with invited distinguished female speakers within industrial and/or academic STEM fields. Creating networking opportunities for women in science by either social or professional gatherings.
  • 2 – Distribute information about other programs, groups, workshops and scholarships geared towards women in science.
  • 3 – Organize fundraisers to financially support group events (examples include: outings, seminars, and workshops.)


All female graduate students and post­doctoral fellows currently enrolled within the UIC department of chemistry are automatically members. Also, membership is open to all graduate students within the chemistry department at UIC. The group will not discriminate on the basis of age, color, gender, gender identity, disability status, height, marital status, national origin, political persuasion, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or weight.

Board Members Positions: ­

The gWiCh board is composed of a treasurer, a secretary, an outreach liaison, a communication liaison and a representative at CGSA meetings. Each year, during the beginning of July, elections are organized for new gWiCh board members. Each board member position is to be held for one year with the possibility of renewal.  For more information about each position, please contact us.

Group Faculty Advisor:  Prof. Leslie Wo-Mei Fung and Prof. Stephanie Cologna.


Past Events:

– July 2016: 2nd Annual summer picinic in the park
– June 2016: Seminar about “grad school in STEM and pregnancy”
– May 2016: End of semester social hour at Lalo’s
– February 2016: gWiCh first anniversary with all UIC Chemistry female faculty as guests
– Winter 2015: Clothing drive with Dress for Success- Chicago
– November 2015: Networking with Women in Physics at UIC
– October 2015: Leadership panel with BAXTER WISE
– September 2015: Workshop on resume writing
– July 2015: 1st Annual summer picnic in the park
– Spring 2015: Meetings with UIC Chemistry female faculty (Prof. Fung and Prof. Min)

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